hPOT1-ssDNA Complex


Recent Publications

  • Pfingsten, J.S., Goodrich, K.J., Taabazuing, C., Ouenzar, F., Chartrand, P., Cech, T.R. Mutually Exclusive Binding of Telomerase RNA and DNA by Ku Alters telomerase recruitment Model. Cell, March 2; 148, 922-932 (2012).
  • Nandakumar, J., Bell, C.F., Weidenfeld, I., Zaug, A.J., Leinwand, L.A., Cech, T.R. The TEL patch of telomere protein TPP1 mediates telomerase recruitment and processivity. Nature, Dec 13; 492, 285-289. Epub 2012 Oct 24. (2012).
  • Schwartz, J.C., Ebmeier, C.C., Podell, E.R., Heimiller, J., Taatjes, D.J., Cech, T.R. FUS binds the CTD of RNA polymerase II and regulates its phosphorylation at Ser2. Genes Dev. Dec 15; 26, 2690-2695 (2012).

Lab Members


 Chen Davidovich

HHMI Post-Doctoral Fellow

Rothschild Fellow 2010-2011

Machiah Foundation Fellow 2012-2013

Lab Member 2010-Present

Ph.D.: Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 2010

B.Sc.: Biotechnology Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, 2004

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Research Interests: Studying the regulation of epigenetic silencing by long noncoding RNAs using structural biology and biochemical approaches.
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